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PRCR - ICO platform!
PRCR help young companies and startups create ICO and rase money for developing projects.
We help company with ICO: create web site, mobile apps, smart contracts on Ethereum
Help with social, seo and media marketing.
PRCR also sales ICO tokens on own trading platform!
PRCR get procent from all raised money on ICO and get bonus for start coloborate.
Token holders get 50% from pure PRCR income every 3 month.
Also token holders PRCR will be first who can buy tokens new ICO companies on Pre-ICO and get token bonus.
We help with ICO
Over 5000 ethers! Raised over 1 million dollar!
Our Team
Founder PRCR
Nadezhda Nechesova
Marketing Director
Denis Husainov
Blockchain Director